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Holistic Care for Women Since 2000

These digital downloads provide education, resources & methods that guide you to improve your health challenges at home using herbs, aromatherapy, supplements, nutrition, vaginal steams, and other simple, timeless therapies that you can do at home. They also reconnect you with the wisdom of your body, supporting you in synchronizing with the wisdom and gifts of the Earth.

Abortion Sanctuary: 3 Practices to Support Resilience


Birth Control Comparisons, Holistic Options, & Long Term Health


Healing Adhesions, Scar Tissue & Asherman’s Syndrome


Bring on the Moon! Lack of Menstruation: Amenorrhea


Tending to the Experiences of Abortion At Any Age


Fertility Enhancement


Healing Dysmenorrhea (Painful Periods)


Heal Heavy Bleeding Holistically


Healing Edometriosis


Irregular Menstruation: Transform Chaos into Harmony


Nurturing Digestive Health




What people are saying

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I really enjoyed our session together and appreciate the recommendations that you shared with me. I did a number of yoni steams (leading up to menstruation) the same cycle that I saw you, along with the self massage and castor oil packs leading up to ovulation this cycle and last.


I also bought two of the books you recommended which I have been enjoying thoroughly! I think all of this, along with our session together, made a definite difference both physically and emotionally. But the latest news is that I am pregnant!

K. I., Catonsville, MD

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For many months after my last treatment from you I felt so good and did not notice my abdomen at all. One time I felt as though I had another bowel obstruction. I used the material you gave me and did self massage for a day and it cleared up.I truly feel that the techniques you taught me saved me another hospital stay without a doubt!

S. S., Bethesda, MD

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…want to give you an update. Today I went for a walk with the faja in place, for about 35 minutes of strenuous slogging through deep snow, up and down hills. My uterus stayed in place! This is huge. Normally I would wear my pessary for such an activity, but I have a tampon in place, soaked in ashwaganda bala oil. And besides, I wanted to see how the faja would do instead of the pessary.

This is the first time in many months that I have been able to take such a walk without my pessary in place, and still feel no prolapse symptoms. I have also been on my feet all morning prior to the walk, cleaning, cooking and baking.

M.C., Charlottesville, VA

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Thank you again for the session last night. I woke up at 3am this morning to the start of my moon! Haha pretty crazy! Thank you for helping that along. I was experiencing very mild cramps earlier this morning and now there’s just an achy uncomfortable feeling. No need for any pain medication, thank goodness! I’m so impressed and happy with the results from the Maya massage. Thank you!

K.S., Maryland

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My pap smear is NORMAL!!! Thanks for all your help, herbs and supplements. It worked.

S.B., Germantown, MD

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Angela Ferri captures the essence of working through the potential turmoil of abortion in a way that transforms the energy of struggle into new vitality for your life. Her insightful writing, thoughtful exercises and clear information make this book a precious treasure of support to embody and savor over time. I highly recommend it!

Barbara Hess Kovaz, PhD

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Just wanted to let you know that I started reading your book and I absolutely love it! Pages 4-5 “My Story” feels like you are writing about me. Thank you for sharing your story! …I feel/felt frozen inside since abortion, numb to pain and happiness…Thank you for sharing your beautiful book!

L.N., Alexandria, VA

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You have introduced me to my body and I am more aware now as how body and mind are connected/intertwined. The experience has been relaxing, joyous and peaceful. I also enjoyed and learned Maya Abdominal massage from you. I practice it on myself very often.

You have been an excellent caregiver in its totality. You are so apt to your name Angel(a). Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there.

Shilpa S., Germantown, MD

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This approach has been so needed, and Angela has done an amazing job capturing the essence of this situation in a very insightful and helpful way. A must for anyone who works with women and families.

Myrna Martin, RN, MN, RCC, RCST

Angela Ferri portrait

Angela Ferri, MA, LMT, ATMAT®, RCST®, PE


Holistic Health Care in the Wisdom Traditions

As a bodyworker and integrative health practitioner specializing in reproductive & digestive care, I have supported women & their families since 2001.

I share holistic support for reproductive, digestive, musculoskeletal and nervous system challenges that are creating health challenges. These challenges may be the result of surgeries, accidents, difficult births or other trauma.

These digital downloads draw on my many years of experience providing Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy®, Pelvic Hydrotherapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy®, Therapeutic Massage, Process Oriented Bodywork, Prenatal Massage, Infant/Child Craniosacral Therapy, and Family Sessions. Programs on Women’s Holistic Healthcare, Abortion Sanctuary: Support after abortion, and Body Wisdom, are in development.