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Healing Adhesions, Scar Tissue & Asherman’s Syndrome

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Why Soften Scar Tissue?

Surgeries and injuries often leave lasting effects that limit organ mobility and circulation, causing lasting discomfort, and sometimes create life-threatening situations. It is important to have the tools and resources on hand to intervene in the uncomfortable and sometimes escalating contractions that adhesions cause. By having this knowedge and these tools on hand you can manage most situations on your own, before medical intervention might be needed.  By softening adhesions, you will be able to regain more optimal functioning of joint mobility, digestive mobility, and anywhere you may have scar tissue. 

What You Need to Know
Healing Scar Tissue 

Healing scar tissue takes consistent attention through using massage, oils, treatments, and even considering diet. Using the tools shared in this download will allow you to slowly improve the challenges the adhesions are causing. Tending to the adhesions consisitently, at least three times a week over three months should enable you to improve your health challenges noticeably. 

How This Resource Will Help You
Restore Mobility to Your Body

Mobility challenges, discomfort and prevention of extreme abdominal challenges can all be improved through learning to use the following in your healing process:

  • manual therapy
  • essential oils
  • specific carrier oils
  • pelvic hydrotherapy
  • dietary choices
  • supplements
In short, you will be able to help yourself at home. 

What Results Can You Expect from Implementing These Resources?

By implementing the recommended protocols consistently you will feel more mobility in your body. Often a tightness in one area will affect other areas such as posture, menstruation, respiration and digestion. These treatments improve these bodily functions when applied regularly. 

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