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Heal Heavy Bleeding Holistically

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Why Choose to Resolve
Heavy Bleeding Holistically?

Heavy bleeding, or Menorrhagia, is a very common challenge for women. By approaching heavy bleeding holistically, women become more in tune with their bodies needs, and learns how to manage challenges using methods that have worked for eons, without the risks and expense that chemical interventions can entail.

The process of learning to tune in to your body, and what you need to restore a healthy cycle will serve not only in resolving heavy bleeding, but will be empowering, and enabling of more agency in navigating other challenges. 

What to Know About
Healing Heavy Bleeding

It is common for healthcare professionals to prescribe birth control to control heavy bleeding. There are potential risks in using chemical interventions instead of addressing the underlying causes, including infertility. 

By listening to your body, harmonizing with moon cycles, changing dietary and other habits, and well as implementing therapies and remedies at home, you will become more in tune with your bodies needs, and with the earth.

You will be able to provide educated support for yourself without the expense, worry and delays often encountered when seeking the assistance of medical professionals. 

How to Resolve Heavy
Bleeding With This Guidance?

This publication shares how heavy bleeding is defined, possible causes and symptoms, through a reductive approach to medicine. It then shares holistic solutions including:
  • dietary and lifestyle adjustments,
  • effective herbal formulas,
  • recommendations for helpful supplements
  • self-care protocols
  • at home treatment instructions
  • links to other resources
  • and more. 

What Results Can You Expect?

You will begin to notice that your menstruation is less and less problematic over a few months time. You will likely feel more energy, more clarity and more presence for other areas of your life. You can expect to have the knowledge you need to manage your menstruation effectively, to feel more empowered.

35 pages
You will get a PDF (6MB) file

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