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Healing Dysmenorrhea (Painful Periods)

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Why Choose too Resolve
Painful Periods Holistically?

Choosing to resolve painful periods holistically will empower you, and will make having fertility challenges much less likely in future. It will also put you in harmony with your body, and the earth's rhythms, supporting long-term health, often making other health challenges, less frequent and less severe.

What to Know About
Resolving Painful Periods

Some women experience such severe pain that they end up in hospital.  Past falls, injuries or surgeries impact the position of the uterus. As does any sport that involves repeated impact upon a surface, such as running, horse riding and gymnastics. 

Most women are prescribed birth control methods to try to manage menstrual pain. Sometimes the methods disallow menstuation entirely for months at a time! Chemical intervention has negative impacts for long-term health and fertility. 

Yet, painful periods are the most easily resolved reproductive health challenges I have come across in my practice! Often, restoring optimal positioning of the uterus, through non-invasive, gentle means, will reduce pain experienced during the cycle fairly quickly; noticeable during the next cycle.  

How Will This Guidance Help
You Resolve Painful Periods?

Holistic treatments are very effective for providing relief from experiencing pain every month.
This digital download provides:


  • dietary recommendations
  • non-invasive treatments you can do at home,
  • herbal remedy recipes
  • resources and links for additional support
  • and more....

that provide noticeable relief by your next cycle, and improve each month over three month's time, provided you adhere to recommended protocols. 

What Results Can You
Expect through Implementing
These Recommendations?

You can expect for menstrual pain to lessen, more and more, over three months time. You may even notice your health improves in other ways.

34 pages

Thank you again for the session last night. I woke up at 3am this morning to the start of my moon! Haha pretty crazy! Thank you for helping that along. I was experiencing very mild cramps earlier this morning and now there’s just an achy uncomfortable feeling. No need for any pain medication, thank goodness! I’m so impressed and happy with the results from the Maya massage. Thank you!

~K.S., Maryland

I wanted to take some time just to say thank you again…There is an ease within my body I’ve never felt before and I do contribute you that to your healing touch…My period started on Sunday and is so different than I’ve experienced it before. Gaining the knowledge of where my uterus is/side of body it’s on really helped me understand the cramping I was experiencing really was from my bowels and even those are doing better….With my whole heart, thank you!

~A. C., Baltimore, MD

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