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I just found out that I am pregnant! I still can’t get over how amazing it is to consider that my journey started with a diagnosis of PCOS/infertility, and yet here I am today reveling in this news. I truly believe that your work played a huge role in giving me the opportunity to experience this, and I am so, so grateful.
~A. R., Annapolis, MD

I really enjoyed our session together and appreciate the recommendations that you shared with me. I did a number of yoni steams (leading up to menstruation) the same cycle that I saw you, along with the self massage and castor oil packs leading up to ovulation this cycle and last.
I also bought two of the books you recommended which I have been enjoying thoroughly! I think all of this, along with our session together, made a definite difference both physically and emotionally. But the latest news is that I am pregnant!
~K. I., Catonsville, MD

I was told by my OB/GYN… that the pain during my monthly cycles was do to a tumor growth in my uterus, (which would send me to the hospital monthly for morphine, causing me to lose about 3-4 days of work on average), would never stop growing and would prevent me from having a healthy pregnancy, so I should get a hysterectomy. Well, at the early age of 34, you can imagine how devastated I was with the thought of never having children and losing my uterus. I researched several ‘alternative’ treatments.

I began my sessions with Angela in February of 2005, by April I did not require hospital medication, nor did I miss any days off from work for my monthly cycle. I continued my monthly, sometimes bi-monthly visits with Angela until September 2006 at which point I became pregnant with my amazing daughter who was born in June of 2007. I returned to Angela… after having my daughter

… I continue to remain ‘hospital free’, and my OB/GYN and specialist now say I don’t need a hysterectomy because the tumor has not progressed any further in growth … This is just a small part of what the massage time with Angela means to my family and me.

We are truly thankful for her compassionate, caring and healing hands. You have the power to heal yourself from within, but sometimes you need someone else’s hands to guide you in the right direction.

~Ashley T., Germantown, MD

Why Go Through This Process?

Going through this process will help you unravel mysteries about your body, and it will guide you to build and restore vibrant health: The foundation for being able to conceive, carry to term and give birth. Your curiosity and vision will enable you to commit to a path that will help you develop body wisdom, and consequently more empowerment and agency for navigating this aspect of your life and beyond. 

What You Need to Know About
Resolving Fertility Challenges

The phrase fertility challenges is more empowering, and less static than the word infertility. It leaves room for growth and movement. Words have power.

It will be required that you refrain from trying to conceive for 3 months. The first level of implementing protocols that heal underlying causes, can be expected last three months. The next level, which directly enhances fertility, will require another three months to support optimal health for conception. Consequently, restoring fertility often requires a commitment of at least 6 months, to the protocols provided.

Since, fertility challenges are often made up of more than one root cause, they require, firstly, a deep inquiry to address the source(s). Then, once the source has been determined, a course of action becomes clear. Action requires following a sequence of protocols that will help resolve each aspect of the cause. 

Because of the complexity of fertility challenges that often manifest over a long period of time, it takes time and intention for all aspects of yourself; body, emotions and spirit to heal. Be gentle with yourself, and try to be patient, knowing you are doing whatever you can to achieve your desired outcome.

NOTE: Women and men have reproductive challenges at about equal percentages in the population. Therefore, I provide some guidance for men as well. If more in-depth support for male fertility challenges is desired, I am available for private consultations.

How Will You Resolve Fertility
Challenges With My Guidance?

There is a huge distinction between reductive medicine, which is also known as allopathic medicine, the approach that most of us grew up with in the western world, and holistic medicine, which has ancient origins, and incorporates modern science as well. I go into detail about how reductive medicine approaches the symptoms of fertility challenges, and will contrast it with how I approach these symptoms, so that you have a greater understanding of the terrain you are navigating. 

Resources that will support your fertility journey include:  
  • Manual Therapy instruction
  • Pelvic Hydrotherapy instruction
  • Home Treatment instruction
  • Reading Cervical Mucus & Charting Cycles
  • The Foundation: Stress Reduction
  • The Foundation: Detoxification
  • Nurturing Digestive Health
  • Preliminary protocols to resolve difficult, irregular menses and/or other health challenges
  • Herbal Formulas and supplements supportive of Fertility
  • Other Treatments & Considerations
  • Supporting links to videos
  • Resources for finding practitioners in your area or virtually.
  • and more.
My intention is for the information you receive, to provide as comprehensive a resource as possible for you on this journey.

What Results Can You
by Implementing
These Recommendations?

Provided you implement the protocols recommended, you can expect to see improvement of digestive and reproductive health challenges. Your vitality and well-being will increase, and you will understand your body in much more depth. Your intention and follow through ideally will lead to conception, carrying to term, and birth. That said, no one can guarantee outcome. 

46 pages

I think back now on how I felt after that first massage session (like blood was flowing to parts of my hips and legs that it hadn’t reached in a while) and I am convinced you woke up my uterus!

~S. C., Baltimore, MD

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