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Birth Control Comparisons, Holistic Options, & Long Term Health

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Why Be Educated About Birth Control Options?

Birth control choice is a personal matter. Time constraints, ease of use, and expense all figure into which method would suit your lifestyle best. This decision will help you stay on track with whichever method you choose. You therefore are more likely to be able to stay on track with life plans. 

Learn Which Methods Work Best for Your Lifestyle & Future Health

This digital download provides a way to compare costs, ease of use, and effects on long-term health and fertility, so that you can determine which method is best for you. It also provides you with information about non-pharmaceutical, and natural options.

How Will this Resource Choose the Best Birth Control Option for You?
  • Determine which method of birth control will work best for your life circumstances.
  • Conventional methods are compared and contrasted with natural methods in an easy to use chart.
  • Prescription methods are critiqued regarding long-term effects on health and fertility.
  • Natural method is discussed in detail so that you can determine if it will work for you.

Being Educated about Birth Control Supports Clarity and Inner Peace, and Long-term Health, as you then make informed choices about the direction of your life.

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