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Tending to the Experiences of Abortion At Any Age

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Why Engage Ritual to
Heal Your Experiences?

Your abortion may have been the most singular life altering experience you have ever had. There is, and has been, so much shame surrounding choice that it might be that you've never had a safe space to process your experiences. This digital download provides rituals that you can do over time that will help you honor and process your experiences. They will help you transform shame and isolation into self-love, and into having more inner peace and respect for your journey. 

What You Need to Know About
Engaging These Processes

By engaging these processes, you are consciously choosing to honor a major life event; a powerful experience, with awe and respect. It requires courage and tenderness with yourself to navigate and acknowledge the loss and the love.

How Will This
Process Support You?

These rituals and practices help you begin to contextualize, honour and tend to the emotions around your experiences. This consice digital download offers three heart-centered processes to engage over time. They are:
  • Committing to honor the journey over a nine month period.
  • Engaging three months of an ancestral prayer that can be repeated, if that feels right for you.
  • Engaging the Mother Matrix healing exercise
  • Links to videos that will provide more depth and understanding of the processes.

What Results Can You Expect
by Engaging These Practices?

You can expect to feel in touch with the spirit you couldn't receive. You can expect to have unexpected, perhaps even astonishing experiences, because you have sincerely honored your connection with that spirit, yourself and your ancestors. You may even feel blessed by the process.

With Love, Angela

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